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Cashback & Redemptions

Redemption Of Cashback Offers

We advertise CashBack Offers on our website and in our media advertisements. These CashBack Offers are redeemed by the manufacturer of the product and are subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • The CashBack redemptions are offered by the manufacturer for a particular product and are paid to you direct by the manufacturer.
  • We will advise of your eligibility to receive your CashBack redemption at the time of purchase of the product.
  • You must pay the advertised price for the product in store and claim the CashBack Offer after completing the purchase.
  • We will give details of the steps you need to take (including any forms which need to be completed) to claim the Cash Back redemption and details of the manufacturer's website to enable you to make the claim.
  • To claim the CashBack you must complete the application process made available to you at the time of purchase. You should keep a copy of your application in case you need to follow up your claim.
  • Provided you have completed your clam properly, the manufacturer should pay the CashBack redemption to you within a reasonable time from the date of purchase.
  • There may be special conditions attaching to a particular claim which you must satisfy to collect your Cash Back Offer.
  • The CashBack Offer is not paid automatically and you will not receive the CashBack redemption unless you complete your claim.
  • If you have any queries concerning your claim or complaints about the processing of your claim, you should contact either the manufacturer direct or the manager at the WOW store where you completed the purchase.
  • CashBack Offers are only available for the product as advertised and for the period of the offer.